Friday, July 23, 2010


The debut CD from TOMBSTONES "Not For The Squeamish" has been released by RAZORBACK!!

For more details, go HERE!!

Also, our page is up on Metal Archives!

Support our habit for making twisted fun metal musick, as well as RAZORBACK's efforts to deliver the kind of noise you WANT and NEED, devoid of evil bullshit and corporate greed, by purchasing this CD today!

Personally, this is probably my favorite vocal performance ever...very 3 dimensional and even surprising me at times after hearing the final cut.  You may or may not disagree...check it out and see for yourself!

Kudos to Wayne and Patrick for their fantastic work, and thanks of corpse to Billy for his support!

Buy it now, let us know what you think...or are you afraid to peek inside the ghastly tomb of TERROR?!?

Stevo, this is Travis from Blood Freak. Neil and I would like to chat with you about some things. My email is You should email me so Neil and I can talk with you about things. Wake Up and Smell The Coffin is finally gonna see the light of day!!!
I've been spinning Tombstones for the past few days since I got it, I can now talk along with the song intros. The vocals are fucking awesome on it, I like the fact you're not doing the typical modern style and going for a more 80s vibe, shit I pulled my Slaughter(CA) album out today simply cause I think those more unconfined punkish vocals make death metal sound better! Argh dude, after my band does a demo I'd sure as shit would like to contact you and send you one. Having a dilemma as the singer wants everything to be strict black metal but I keep accidentally writing death in the thrashier old style, dunno what to do, he'll just have to adapt or die but I'm keeping the fucking drummer either way! Impetigo really should play again at the Maryland Death Fest next year, come ooon doooiiit doooooiiiiit!
I love the CD, it's like if Uncle Creepy and the Cryptkeeper listened to Possessed, Master, and Venom, and started a band......

EC, Warren, Skywald-Mood forever!!!!!
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