Wednesday, March 10, 2010


After a round of life-changing events (beginning with my new job and career in early 2007 and rounding all the way up to my recent move to a new house), and also in light of the many exciting new things that are happening RIGHT NOW, I felt like this would be a better time than any to update all of Fiend-dom as to ‘what’s new with STEVO’…so here we go! But FIRST, let’s recap what’s been happening since my last post…January 11, 2007…oh my…


As everybody who is reading this probably knows, in July IMPETIGO reunited for a one-time only appearance at the famed CIM fest in Champaign-Urbana, IL to commemorate the 20th anniversary (nearly to the day) of the birth of IMPETIGO…which occurred only an hour or so down the road. It was a fantastic event that allowed all of us to get back in touch with some old friends and meet lots of new ones. This magical weekend has been documented with the release in 2009 of a Live CD by Epitomite Productions, released in Summer 2008, and early this year on a special DVD release by DEATHGASM. Special thanks again to Matt Bishop of CIM for working with us and for not only being a great host, but for also keeping this tradition alive throughout the years.

The situation with CONVULSIONS changed quite a bit as 2007 crawled along; first Greg was unable to commit to the project, and later Neil had to step aside – both due to personal issues, both amicably. Towards the end of the year, I decided to include Gregg (ex-LINCOLN LOVE LOG) and Tom K (CARDIAC ARREST, SEVERED, ex-DOGOD) as part of the ‘band.’

Meanwhile, something happened in late 2007 that would change my current level of involvement in the underground (as it is today) for the next few years. Paolo of GRUESOME STUFF RELISH approached me to contribute guest vocals on their upcoming album on RAZORBACK RECORDS ...I was honored but nearly turned down the opportunity, as I had no disposable income to contribute to a studio session locally to record anything. On a lark, I borrowed a basic el cheapo PC microphone from a friend, and recorded straight vocal tracks only while listening to an mp3 copy of the basic tracks for the song. The result was better than I could have ever hoped for, Paolo’s posse made “The Dead Will Walk The Earth” sound like I was really there – the end product was phenomenal!! GSR’s “Horror Rises From the Tomb” debuted in early 2008 and the wheels started turning as soon as Billy Nocera heard the rough mix of my contribution.


This year started out in a very mayhemic fashion; primarily with the birth of BEWARE – this was a new project jump-started by Billy after some discussions with myself and the legendary Kam Lee, and inspired by the possibility of my being able to participate via the same process by which I contributed vocals to the GSR album. Besides the two of us, Patrick Bruss (CRYPTICUS) and Wayne (DECREPITAPH) stepped in to provide the musick for our dual-vocal assault. We recorded a rough-mix demo track “Elixir of Evil” (with lyrics by Sly of FONDLECORPSE) and launched this malicious track via myspace with outstanding response. A second track “A Bone To Pick” was in process when Kam left the project amicably to focus on other work and out of respect, the band was restructured in September to become TOMBSTONES. Immediately, the basic tracks for “Shriek Well Before Dying” were recorded and unleashed (again) via myspace (you can visit the page here ( to continued outrageously welcome response and enthusiasm. By the end of the year 2 more songs were released in demo format; “Meet The Reaper” and “Grave Undertakings.” Momentum was formidable, and it seemed as if 2009 was going to see the birth of our first full-length CD for sure.

In the Spring of 2008, I had the privilege and honour to join Chicago death metal gods CARDIAC ARREST on stage at the annual “Mayhem in May” festival in Louisville, KY. Gregg showed up as well, and we had a great time…I sang extra vocals on my favorite CARDIAC song “Make Them Die Slowly” and although I felt a little odd without an instrument (insert your poor joke here), it was a euphoric blast to share this space with these guys, one of my favorite bands ever. Once again, another great opportunity to hang out with old friends and meet a few new ones.

CONVULSIONS still continued planning and plotting our activity for the future, pledging to only record and write in a “live” situation (that is, with all 3 of us in the same room, almost real-time in writing, rehearsing and recording) with our only operational challenge being finding a good time to get together for a weekend or so and work things out.

During the summer of 2008, my family decides after nearly 10 years in the same house, it’s time to sell and move to a different area of town (for school district reasons). This activity comprises a 2-month long effort to move 50% of our belongings into a storage facility as well as spending hundreds of hours fixing things around the house and getting everything ready to sell. We (finally) list our house in July, the official starting point of a process that will ultimately serve to choke a great deal of my personal activity.


This is the year when things started getting weird…I personally want to consider 2009 as ‘old news and out the door’ and updating this blog after 2 years of inactivity seems like a good way to formally push this year behind me.

Things started out very well, with yet another TOMBSTONES demo track “Horrific Howlings” released and also 2 new opportunities for guest vocal appearances.

Sly of FONDLECORPSE asked me to participate on “Hideous” from their forthcoming “Creaturegore” album. This was an unbelievable request, first of all coming from another of my favorite bands. I had to pinch myself! “Hideous” is a great track, and the album was released in the Summer of 2009.

Almost simultaneously, Kam Lee approached me to appear with him on the debut release of his project with Rogga of PAGANIZER entitled BONE GNAWER ...the result was “Feast of Flesh,” also released in 2009. My contribution aside, this is a most fantastic album, with guest appearances by myself, Dopi (MACHETAZO) and Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA). Kam’s performance on “Anthropophagus Beast” is his best ever!!

I began contributing vocals and lyrics to another project (of which you will hear more about in 2010, I think) that’s still kind of ‘under wraps’ until some of the logistics are worked out.

With only a few tracks left to finish the debut TOMBSTONES album, and after nearly a year of mixed activity on our house sale, we change realtors, reduce our selling price (again) and start to get a few bites.

The good news: we finally sell our house in June/July. The other news: this means the remaining 50% of our belongings join their predecessors in storage and my family and I move in with my in-laws until we find a place.

In December, the ‘buyer’s market’ finally emerges and our patience pays off when we find a house we like in the area we are hoping to relocate to.

2010 – current!

In early January, we finally close on our new place and start moving in. As I write this, we are still unpacking (and setting up, hooking up, etc) but now I can start ‘blowing the dust off’ of my stuff, and start to get my bearings on where I left off, with TOMBSTONES and the rest of my personal activity.

That brings us up to date, I believe…so what’s next?

TOMBSTONES: My priority is to finish the 3-4 tracks that require my attention so that the project can begin to move forward again. This is job number one for me. The lyrics are all done now, and I’m currently planning on submitting my tracks over the next two weeks.

IMPETIGO: With Mark’s typical exhaustive efforts, the DVD is finally out on DEATHGASM. I plan to pick up the ‘story’ of IMPETIGO (again, right where I left off) as soon as job number one (see above) is completed. I also think it would be kvlt to post some interviews (old and new) that I’ve stumbled across recently.

OTHER BANDS OF THE PAST: In conjunction with my efforts to convert selected pieces of my tape-trading and record-collecting past into a digital format for some of my other personal activity (and a part thereof), I intend to bring forth and share musical examples and other bits and pieces of my other work in the underground. This would include, but not be limited to, CHURCH OF MISERY/INSOMNIA, SGT. ROCK, DEAD TRENDIES, MORE HEAD, ACT OF GOD, and other guest vocal appearances from years past.

That’s all I have to report for now. STAY SICK and hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me soon…AFTER I get job number one completed, and no sooner!!!

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