Thursday, January 11, 2007

CONVULSIONS: Diary of a MADMAN - Entry 1

While I'm covered up working on the liner notes for HOTZ (and other personal things), I thought it would be nifty to start a 'diary' of the goings-on of my newest project CONVULSIONS...this thought just came to me a few minutes ago, ha ha...

If you aren't aware of CONVULSIONS, click on the link I've got here in the previous post, announcing our intentions to produce some heinous noise for an indefinite period of time.

Since we've made the announcement, I've got a few songs worked out already, music and lyrics, that will be featured on our promo demo, now officially entitled "Total Head Removal." The title is also the name of a song that will appear on the demo, a song that was resurrected from my never-realized ZOMBIE project of the 90s. Of corpse, "Total Head Removal" is something that Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY, RAVENOUS, ABCESS, etc) always used to say!!

The demo will be released on cassette only (yes, that's "old skool" is that?!?), and is planned to feature an intro, "Total Head Removal" (a total gore/violence worship tune, in the same way that "Unadulterated Brutality" was), "Post-Carnage Mishap" (a nice song about a murderer who has buried his victims in his crawlspace and backyard...only to find one evening, that they are returning to life and coming to get him...), "Kichiku dai enkai (Banquet of the Beasts)" (a song with many lyrics in Japanese, inspired by the film of the same name), and a 'surprise' cover song -hopefully!- that Greg and I discussed a few weeks ago. I don't think even Neil and Billy know about it yet, ha ha! Of corpse, all this is subject to change, but for now, that's what we're shooting for.

All the lyrics are done, with the exception of the "Kichiku" Japanese lyrics; I'm getting those translated now. I played some of the material for Greg right before Christmas, and he seemed to enjoy what he heard. He's working on goofing around with the bass again, since it's been a while (I'm doing the same thing with the guitar...aieeee...). He's identified a local 'studio guy' who is inexpensive and pretty versatile. Soon, we'll be able to get together and work some of this material out, and get the recording session set and rolling.

I've already had a couple of requests for interviews, kick ass!! I'm working on one now (sorry it's taking so long, Ben...still recovering from the holidays!!)...the word seems to be spreading!

Check this blog for updates, and also visit the RAZORBACK site frequently. STAY SICK!!

Great Stevo!!!
The Japanese warmaster!
Good and great news about you and your projects, man!
Good luck with Convulsions.
I canĀ“t wait to listen your new work.
And good luck also with the gig with your old crew in July at Illinois.

Hails from Brazil
I will give blood, just to get in possesion of the tape!!!

Let me know how can I grab it, when its out!
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